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Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Day 42

After packing up and eating breakfast at the Comfort Suites in Salem, Virginia; we were on the road back to our ending spot from yesterday.  The temperature was a cool 72 degrees under partly cloudy and hazy skies on US Hwy 460.  Russ was on the road at 7:50 where the road narrowed to 1 lane for construction, but the traffic was delayed by traffic lights and he sailed through quickly to where the road widened once again. 
One of the first church signs I saw this morning was before I even had the camera out, it said:
"Aspire to inspire before you expire"
I loved that!

I was ready with the camera for the next sign. Also, very true and set the tone for the day!
 Salem traffic was busy, but friendly. No shoulder, but there were 2 and 3 lanes for most of the city.
 The sky was becoming more overcast, we could see rain in the distance, but not a drop fell on us.  We enjoyed a shoulder for a short while.
 After 22 miles, we took a break at the Blue Ridge Church of the Brethren parking lot. 
After the break when we returned to the road, the shoulder was a thing of the past.
Even though the traffic was heavy on this busy US Hwy 460, people were very friendly, in fact, we probably had the most "happy honks" and waves in one day!  Making that fact even more interesting, most of the honking came from the oncoming traffic across the grassy median!  The cross of Christ is like a magnet, it draws people to it.  Every time I heard a honk, it made me smile - GLORY TO GOD!  This picture also attempts to show some of the challenging incline Russ dealt with today, however, pictures of hills never do them justice!
 The beautiful Stars & Stripes, I LOVE the USA!  We live in a beautiful country!

Today did not disappoint us, we saw some interesting street signs! 
First, there seemed to be an animal theme.

 We didn't have time to go down this lane!

Some businesses have interesting ways to advertise...

Don't you love the welding guy?  He looks so happy!

More church signs...
Always a good reminder.
 This was not a church sign, but it!!!
 Thought provoking...and true!

Today was a comfortable day, the high temperature was in the mid 80's and we had a pleasant cloud cover.  As we traveled into Lynchburg, the road was busy but we had a shoulder until we ended on road construction where the top of the pavement was chopped off, even on the shoulder.  I was praying Russ didn't get a flat!  We stopped after about a mile of construction, Russ had reached his 60 miles today.  Where we get back on the road in the morning, we THINK (hope & pray!) the construction was ending.
We stopped for lunch at Golden Corral, Russ LOVES to fill up on the veggies there!  As we were coming in to sit down, Lois and Mary came over to meet us, they had seen the cross and were very supportive.  What sweet encouragers they were!  Once again, it's a blessing to meet other Christians.
After that, it was on to the Quality Inn to relax, check out the pool and watch more Olympics. 

As we cross Virginia, the traffic seems to be getting heavier.  Today was a "pray without ceasing" kind of day, but not really anxiety filled. (thanks to your prayers!)  Sometimes I purposely don't look in the rear view mirror, I don't want to spend my time worrying about how many or how fast vehicles are coming, or if they see us.   I have to trust God with what's behind me and focus on Russ & the road ahead.  God continues to impress that upon my heart, "TRUST IN ME".  I have no control over others or what's going on around us, but I can focus my heart and mind on trusting God.  That's not only true on the road, but in our lives.  Sometimes we get wrapped up in worrying about what others are doing, or not doing, what they are think or what we expect from them.  I'm sure God would rather us focus on Him and He will take care of the rest.  

Tomorrow we travel US 460 once again from Lynchburg to Burkeville.  Please pray for good shoulders and a safe road.  We appreciate your kind words, encouragement and prayers.  Blessings to you!  Until tomorrow,
Russ & Carol  

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