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Thursday, July 12, 2012

Day 26 of riding, one month since we left California!

Since our motel in Columbus, KS had no breakfast, we were on the road at 6:40am back to our spot at the Neosho River bridge on Hwy 160.  It was sunny, clear and a pleasant 70 degrees when Russ began riding just after 7 am.  We took a break just after Hwy 160 and 400 parted ways with us, they turned north and south and we continued on Hwy 96 east.  We crossed into Missouri just after 9 am.
A pretty stone cross next to a roadside church near Oronogo. 
We took a lunch break in Carthage at 11:00.  We noticed a sign that said Hwy 96 was closed 2 miles ahead because of construction on a bridge.  There were detour signs so we headed south about 3-4 miles, then east 10 miles, 4 miles north and back to Hwy 96.  The detour took us through pretty country, we experienced some roller coaster hills of Missouri! 
 The tree-lined road was very pretty, no shoulder but not too much traffic.
Russ stopped riding a couple miles after getting back to Hwy 96 after pedaling 60 miles.  We drove back to Carthage and checked into the Econolodge where a fabulous pool was waiting for us!  The pool felt great since the temperature had reached the upper 90's.

After a swim, we checked out the Salvation Army Thrift Store where I found much needed crutches. My klutzy fall on Monday in Wichita had left me with a VERY sore foot and it still hurt to walk on it.  We found crutches, then Russ asked the nice lady helping us if they had an immobilizer boot, and sure enough, they did!  So, $8 later I was feeling MUCH better! 
This evening we ate Chinese food and relaxed.  Tomorrow we will head to Springfield, MO.  It's amazing to think we left Huntington Beach, California on this journey one month ago today.  We've covered a LOT of country, seen a variety of things, met many people and Russ has pushed those pedals a ZILLION times or more!  God continues to reveal Himself each day.  Today I saw a sign that said:
Jesus invested everything in you,
are you showing any interest?
The sign started me thinking about all the things we as humans show "interest" in or what we "invest" in as we live our lives.  I know I waste a lot of time showing interest or investing in things that really don't about you?  Enough for today...thank you for your continued prayers, we appreciate your encouragement!  Blessings to you!
Until tomorrow,
Russ & Carol 

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