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Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Day 37 of riding

We were up early, breakfast eaten and on the road at 6:30 am leaving the Comfort Suites at Crossville, Tennessee on the road back to our "spot" from yesterday.  Russ began riding under overcast skies with a few patches of blue peeking through, it was 75 degrees just before 7 am. 
The names of rivers and creeks always intrigue us, we crossed Daddys creek and not far away was Mammys creek!  Less than an hour after we started riding, we crossed the county line where the time zone changed...suddenly we went from 7:38 to 8:38 am!  By this time, the sky had cleared and we had beautiful sunshine.
Tree lined curves and hills without a shoulder once again gave us something to pray about.  We traveled along safely (Thank you, God!) and it was beautiful!
 We chuckle now and then when we suddenly see a "bike route" sign on the road. I guess you can stop and get your bike out at this point!  Today this was the road above with no shoulder.
 The rocks and hills are so pretty, there were tiny waterfalls coming over this rocky ledge.
 As we came into a town in the valley, the road widened and we had a bike lane!  The hills can be seen in the background that surrounded us.
 The sign is difficult to read, but it's "Gene's Odds & Ends"...he didn't even know he had a store here!
Once again, we see pretty crosses along the way.

 More church signs:

We started on Hwy 70 today, turned on US Hwy 27, then Hwy 61, then 62 so we did some maneuvering around today!  Tonight we are at the Clarion on the northwest edge of Knoxville, tomorrow we hope to make our way around north of the city and head to the northeast. 

It was a smooth, safe and fairly uneventful day.  God is so good to guide and protect us and we are thankful!  We appreciate your prayers and encouragement!  I've rushed through the post tonight because I'm on Eastern Standard Time and I'd better get to bed...getting up in the morning won't be quite so easy!  Until tomorrow,
Russ & Carol

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