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Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Day 31 of riding!

We left the Comfort Inn in Sikeston, Missouri at 6:30 after eating breakfast.  Driving back to Dexter, we noticed some clouds, it was a bit hazy with a temperature of 80 degrees with sticky humidity when Russ got ready to ride just after 7:00.  We've noticed an increase in humidity as we have traveled in and through Missouri.  Hwy 60 was still a spacious 4 lane road with a wide, nicely paved shoulder.  Between Dexter and Sikeston, we ran across the Church on the Rock.  With all the rocks we've seen in the past few days, seems like the perfect way to use the foot of the cross! 
"I love you, O LORD, my strength.
The LORD is my rock, my fortress and my deliverer;
my God is my rock, in whom I take refuge. 
He is my shield and the horn of my salvation, my stronghold." 
Psalm 18:1-2

After about 12 miles, we turned south on US Hwy 61 heading toward New Madrid. 
 The road was 2 lane, with and without a shoulder, but very little traffic.
We saw LOTS of fields of cotton!  In addition to cotton, we saw rice, corn, soybeans, and milo
growing in the fertile river valley.
 This lady stopped along the roadside took a picture of Russ & shouted and waved to him. 
Some friendly people!
 After we turned south, we could see rain to the east. 
It was overcast, so that kept the temperatures a bit cooler at this point.

We turned on Missouri Hwy U as we reached New Madrid and took a well deserved break in a grocery store parking lot.  Last night we had written down the details of turns & roads we needed to take for today as we headed toward the Mississippi river.  Russ reminded me that I had better get some gas for the van, I asked directions to a gas station in the store and turned toward downtown as we headed out.  I honked at Russ since he missed the turn thinking he would turn around and come back.  After filling up at the station, we headed back to where I presumed Russ would be but the road names and numbers did not match what we had written down.  WE LOST RUSS!  After about an hour of driving back & forth down roads and a plea for prayer on Facebook, we FINALLY spotted him, THANK THE LORD! 
We crossed the river and were back in business in Hickman, Kentucky!

Here we are in Kentucky! 
The MRT (Mississippi River Trail) signs bring back memories from last year.

As we came to this intersection, Russ turned south on US Hwy 51, this is where length of the cross (this year's trip - West to East) intersects the arms of the cross from last year's trip (North to South).  We were in this very place last year!  Another milestone today!
 We found some shade in a parking lot in Fulton and took a break, by now the skies were clear and the afternoon sun was hot.  Russ said he could really feel the humidity today!  Shortly after we stopped, a man drove up and said he was curious about the cross and what we were doing.  After a nice visit with Gary Swift, he asked if he could pray for us.  Tears came to my eyes as we held hands in our little circle, and Gary prayer fervently for our safety and the Glory of God to be spread through the message of the cross.  Inspired by this blessing and encouragement, Russ was back on the bicycle and crossed over into Tennessee, our third state for today! 
 We headed south on US 45E. Sometimes 2 lane, sometimes 4 lane, mostly with a shoulder.
 We spotted a very patriotic tow truck!

We even found a town for our friends, Jim & Melinda McConnell!
We ended the ride today in Martin, Tennessee after Russ rode 95 miles.  This was one of those days we traveled a longer distance, but Martin was the next place we could stay.  It was a long day, but by the grace of God Russ keeps pedalling!

It was a day with some confusion and obstacles, but with your prayers and God's guidance we made it!  As we came into Kentucky and Tennessee, we had a number of "happy honkers" and "wavers".  The cross can be instantly recognized and inspiring to those who see it.  We pray that the cross of Jesus Christ is not only inspiring to those who know and cherish it, but that it also can provide curiosity, awakening and hope for those who do not. 

We are grateful for your encouragement and prayers, it's in days like this we can truly feel them and see evidence of your intercession.  As we rest tonight, we rest in God's grace and goodness, his blessings and love; I pray you rest in Him as well.
Until tomorrow,
Russ & Carol


  1. I pray for you and keep up with you daily.Seems like you have been gone for a long time and look forward to your return. Thungs are going well here. Ann will have her knee replacement on August 9. Take good care and be safe.

  2. What a blessing it is to read your daily posts and share in this wonderful experience!!! May God continue to bless you greatly:)



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