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Monday, July 23, 2012

Day 35 of riding!

After packing up and eating breakfast, we left the Comfort Inn in Nashville, Tennessee at 7 am heading back to Two Rivers Park where Russ left the bike trail on Saturday.  Setting out on the road, we quickly found our way back to Hwy 70 east. The skies were mostly clear with a muggy 80 degree temperature.  For awhile we enjoyed a four-lane road with not too much traffic, fortunately most of the traffic was heading west into Nashville.  Eventually, the road narrowed to 2 lane, most times with a small shoulder.  After about 1- 1/2 hours and 25 miles, we took a break in Lebanon at a beautiful park.
The park had a pool, running/walking/biking trail and the cool playground behind the guys.  They just weren't in the mood to go play!

Crossing a bridge in the Tennessee countryside.
 Russ pumped up those leg muscles on some hills today.
This sign says: "The Heavens declare God's Glory!" The sky looked beautiful above the hills & trees.

 The road was curvy, sometimes right beside rocky cliffs.
 We are on 70N heading east.
 Some of the beautiful hills.
 Scripture on the barn.
 The terrain was AWESOME!  So beautiful!
We saw mostly horses today in the animal kingdom.  Several dogs, too. A couple of them decided to really bark & go after Russ. The horn proved effective to chase them off.  They really looked like they were in it for the chase, not necessarily interested in eating Russ.
We took another break in South Carthage, TN in the parking lot of Trinity Full Gospel Pentecostal Church after 45 miles and ended the day just west of Cookeville, Tennessee at 12:30 with 63 miles behind us.  We drove near the Interstate to the Burger King, Russ likes the veggie burgers there.  After lunch we checked into the Clarion Hotel just across the street and it wasn't long before we were in the pool!
Traveling through Tennessee is really wonderful.  So far, I think this state wins the "nice people" award this year.  Many of the drivers are patient, kind and encouraging.  Today we had several happy honks, waves & people taking pictures of that crazy guy on a bike!  On Saturday, a guy rolled down his window as he passed, drove beside me for a time and said "We love you guys! Thank you for what you are doing!"  This was on a 2 lane road where people had to wait to carefully pass us.  Now that's encouragement!  People we meet in businesses are also very friendly, and the beauty of the surroundings is pretty fantastic, too!  Kinda looks like "God's country".
You know I'm always checking out the signs, today we saw these church signs:

"Draught got you down? Living Water here"

"Our great need is to discover that Jesus is all we need" 

In life, we certainly think we "need" a lot of things, don't we?  We have many wants and things we desire, but when you really get down to it...Jesus IS really all that we "need".  That's a good thought to rest on, isn't it?  I think I'll "rest" on it right now!
Thank you for your prayers & encouragement, today was a day where I felt such peace as we traveled.  We know where that peace comes from! I'm thankful for the "peace that passes all understanding". 
Until tomorrow,
Russ & Carol

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