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Saturday, July 7, 2012

Day 22 of riding

We slept a little later this morning.  After packing up and eating breakfast, we left Dodge City at 7:00 am on US Hwy 50/400.  It felt nice and cool at 74 degrees, especially because of a bank of clouds in the east covering the sun.  Just after we passed Fort Dodge, we noticed a beautiful cross on the hill next to the road.  I snapped some pictures, but tonight checked out what it was on the Internet. It was especially beautiful against the backdrop of the morning sky.  Whenever I see the rays of sun shining down from the clouds, it always makes me think of God and His glory all around us.
The Coronado Cross in located in Ford County, Kansas near Fort Dodge.  The cross is 38 foot tall and marks the spot where Spanish explorer, Coronado crossed the Arkansas river on June 29, 1541.
A beautiful way to begin the day!
 We took a break in front of the Ford Community Church in Ford, KS.
 About 20 miles later, we came into Mullinville where the highway was lined with interesting artistic creations.  Again, I snapped some pictures and checked it out online tonight.  It's called Kanza art by M.T. Liggett.  Kanza art is a unique collection of junk metal folk art, windmills and signs that line several streets of Mullinville along the arms of the "V" formed by US Highways 400 and 54 in southwest Kansas.  I only got pictures of a few, there were MANY!!!

About 10 miles down the road, we came to Greensburg. Perhaps you know it because of the Big Well, or because of the devastating tornado that leveled much of the town in 2007.  They had so many new buildings but still a few dead trees that reminded us of the strength of the storm.  The people of Greensburg have done an awesome job of rebuilding their wonderful town.

We stopped for a photo opportunity at the BIG WELL.  A few years ago, we met someone from East Texas who found out we (Russ, me, and my sisters, Jan & Gloria) were from Nebraska.  He asked if we had ever seen the big "way-el" in Texas.  We Midwesterners thought he was talking about a "whale" and we couldn't think of where you would find a whale in Kansas!  When we arrived here today, I thought of my sisters and the laugh we had over that one! So Jan & Gloria, this picture is for you! Here's the BIG "WAY-EL" in Kansas!
 We stopped for another photo at the Pratt county line.  Gene and Maxine (Russ' parents) grew up in this area, so it was sort of a "homecoming" and walk down memory lane.
We arrived in Pratt at 12:30.  By this time it was over 100 degrees.  Just outside of town, the road had been newly repaved so it was very black.  Russ said during that part of the ride the temperature was an extreme 118 degrees!  Wow!
Pratt is where both Gene & Maxine grew up and went to school.  I especially like their water towers!
 We drove out to the Fish Hatchery just outside of town.  This is where Russ' grandparents (Maxine's parents) lived for 40 years or so while his grandpa worked as a mechanic there.  It brought back LOTS of great memories for Russ when he would spend time with his grandparents as a kid in these park-like surroundings with lots of places to fish & get in the water and probably get into trouble!
We also visited Russ' Grandma Eleanor and look forward to spending more time with her tomorrow.
God is so good!  Russ rode nearly 80 miles today.  The wind was gentle and fairly calm as he was riding.  We made it safely through some areas of rough road and construction.  We enjoyed an afternoon and evening of seeing the places and hearing stories from Gene's childhood.  Precious time spent together. 

We're so thankful for the time we are spending with people, and the time spent enjoying our surroundings.  So many times we are guilty of rushing around with a plan, agenda, a list of things to do or we're in such a hurry we take no time to stop and "smell the roses".  Sometimes we hurry so fast, we miss the blessings God has for us.  Do you ever do that?  Take time to smile, laugh, give or receive a hug, ask questions & listen to people's stories and look around and admire the beauty of God's creation.  Didn't get all of your "to do" list done?  Oh well, there's always tomorrow. 
We're looking forward to tomorrow when we will worship our God, our protector, our guide. Have a BLESSED Sunday!
Until tomorrow,
Russ & Carol 

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