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Friday, July 6, 2012

Day 21 of riding!

Before the crack of dawn, we got up, ate breakfast and drove back toward Lakin just before the sun came up.  We cycled out of Lakin at 6:40 am in a race against the wind!  The sky was clear, it was 74 degrees with a with a light SW wind.  Heading east on US Hwy 50/400, we passed a lot of farmland again.  Russ startled at least a dozen jackrabbits, they RACED to the nearby fields.  One even ran alongside him for a 1/2 block or so!  Russ pedalled fast to keep up with him...he was a 25 mph jackrabbit.  They were too fast for a Kodak moment, so no pictures of the little hoppers! Not long after the rabbit show, a coyote ran across the road in front of Russ watching him warily as he ran to the cornfield and stopped for one more glance before he disappeared into the stalks.

Driving east toward the sun, it was difficult to see...we prayed those behind us would be able to see us.  We had nice pavement today, some 4 lane, some 2 lane but always with a nice, wide shoulder - a bike super highway! 

An hour and a half later, we were back in Garden City where we stopped at our motel again.  Russ had his second breakfast, had a break, filled up on water and ice and we were on the road again.  As we traveled along, the wind continued to increase, but so far still manageable.  At 10:30 we stopped at a nice rest area.  From the looks of Russ' hair, you can see how the wind is blowing!

The wildflowers were beautiful this morning, you can tell we are in the "Sunflower State"!

As we rode along with the windows down, even though there may not be cattle in sight...there seemed to be the (sweet?) aroma of them!  There are MANY feedlots around, some on the highway, some a few smells, I mean miles away! They also have LOTS of flies in this part of Kansas.

Since it is SO windy here, they should have more of these things!

The wind was strong today, but not as menacing as yesterday.  After 78 miles, we rolled into Dodge City around 1:00.  By now it was around 100 degrees, the high temperature on the bike was 107.  We found the Days Inn on Wyatt Earp Blvd. with a pool and a hot tub, YAHOO!!!

Matt Dillon deputized Russ since we were in town.
 The guys did a little longhorn rustling.

 Boot Hill
When I was a little girl, I wanted to be a train engineer.  After looking inside this one...kinda glad I didn't have that job when this thing was on the tracks!
 Yesterday after finishing the ride, we drove to Copeland, KS where Russ' parents, Gene & Maxine Munch were married in the parsonage (the brick house) next to the Copeland United Methodist Church on February 16, 1952
 Russ' great grandparents, Letha and Willy Glover lived in this house a block away from the church.
We drove around town and Gene told us stories of the good old days when he worked out there,
one job was hauling water to a sheep ranch.

We also visited the Copeland cemetery to find the tombstones & graves of Russ' grandparents, great grandparents, and great-great grandparents.  It's interesting to hear stories of his heritage and ancestors.  As Christians, what a rich and delightful ancestry we have as sons & daughters in the Lord's family.  In our own family, today is a special day - our sweet daughter, Jessy was born 23 years ago today...Happy Birthday, Jessy!

Tomorrow we head east to Pratt...more time to connect with heritage and family.  Thank you for covering our journey with your prayers.  Each day is a special blessing, may it be to you as well.  Until tomorrow,
Russ & Carol

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