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Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Day 24 of riding

Under overcast skies we packed up at the La Quinta in Wichita and headed east on US Hwy 400 east.  We left after breakfast at 7:45, it was 73 degrees.  Knowing that morning traffic would be heavy, Russ rode through most of Wichita yesterday with just a little bit of "busy" left on the east side.  We made it easily through the last freeway turnoff and before long, the road changed back to the typical highway with stoplights.
 The clouds in the sky kept it cool and comfortable for quite awhile. 

We didn't visit, but I think I'd like "Smileyberg"!  You couldn't help but be happy and smile! 
 A church we passed had three crosses in the field by the church.  I love the reminders of what it's really about!
We saw a few farms today, but mostly pastures & grassland.
 There were a few hills, a little bit of wind...sometimes a headwind made it a little challenging and a little slower going.
 When we saw the hills cut away for the road, I could understand why not many crops were raised around here...too rocky and not much topsoil.
 We were experiencing the Flint Hills, Russ could climb a bit and coast a bit.  They weren't too steep.
This was what most of the landscape looked like today, very pretty!
 We had a nice wide shoulder, but had perpendicular rumble strips.  This time though, they didn't cover the width of the shoulder so Russ had room to ride beside them.
 We passed by a cute little shop called Needle in a Haystack.  I think I would have enjoyed stopping...but the guy on the bicycle kept going so I felt obligated to follow.
Today we took breaks only by the roadside since we came across NO towns along the road after Augusta, which was only about 10 miles east of Wichita.  We rolled into Fredonia at 2:45 after riding 83 miles.  The high temperature on the bike was 105 degrees. 
Even though I had no personal contact with anyone other than my two guys today, I felt encouraged by people along the way.  We had several "Happy honks", some people slowing down to wave or give thumbs up, and a guy who stopped by the roadside to take pictures of Russ passing by.  When we went through a construction area, the guys waved and gave some encouragement.  Today seemed long and after we made it to the Fredonia Inn, I took a NAP! 
We're headed south through Independence tomorrow, then east from there.  An east wind is predicted for tomorrow, please pray about that...we really don't want another headwind!
Thanks again for your encouragement and prayers!
Until tomorrow,
Russ & Carol

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