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Sunday, July 15, 2012

Sunday, a day of worship & blessings!

When Russ first looked out the window this morning, a heavy fog covered the ground.  We slept a little later, ate breakfast and by the time we packed up and headed out at 8:15, the fog had lifted somewhat.  The church we were attending was down the road about 12 miles in Cabool, so Russ decided to go ahead and ride there on Hwy 60.  We arrived just before 9:00 am.  We were warmly welcomed at Cabool United Methodist Church.
 We attended a Sunday school class with a nice group, a lesson in Acts led by Russ. (sorry, didn't catch the last name) 
 We enjoyed worship with some of our favorite songs to praise the Lord and a great message by Pastor Mike Lawton.  He spoke of persistence, boldness and having faith in what we pray for.  After the service, Joyce Jones (in the blue/white stripes on the left in the picture below) treated us to lunch at El Imperial, a delicious Mexican restaurant in Cabool.  As you can see, there was a WONDERFUL group!  We had such a great time, it was fun to visit and get acquainted.
 After lunch, Pastor Mike & his wife, Diane & Russ came out to see our trailer & Russ' bike.
Before we left, we circled together and sweet Mrs. Lawton (I wasn't sure how to spell your name) prayed for us.  We felt doubly blessed!  We had intended to attend church in Mountain Grove where we spent the night, but God had other plans for us!  God was so good to lead us to His blessings through this special group of people in Cabool, Missouri. 
After lunch, Russ rode on to Willow Springs where we spent the rest of the afternoon & evening resting and relaxing at the Comfort Inn.

Thank you once again for your prayers for us.  We continue our journey tomorrow through the beautiful hills of Missouri.  Until tomorrow,
Russ & Carol

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  1. So glad you could join us for church on Sunday! We love having new people and wish you God's speed on your travels! Thinking of you today and every day that you will be kept safe and can reach out to people to show them the importance of God in their lives! God Bless Stephanie Dann Cabool United Methodist Church



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