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Thursday, July 19, 2012

Day 32 of riding!

Since we slept in a little later, we got on the road just before 8:00 am after breakfast at our Econo Lodge in Martin, Tennessee.  The sky was clear, it was already 80 degrees and feeling humid as Russ pedalled on TN Hwy 431 south through town, then turned south on TN Hwy 22.  The highway had a nice wide shoulder, as the sign says - it's a bike route.
 Today was a day for signs, the first one I snapped was this one:
 I didn't zoom enough on this one, it says: 

As we traveled down the highway we saw several of these...I consider this our theme for the day. JESUS.

 Each time we saw one, I got goosebumps, even tears in my eyes.  It started me thinking about how much information we try to put on signs, cards, etc. to tell about ourselves, businesses, churches.  This is about as plain and simple as it gets.  You may have heard of comedian, Bill Engvall who's signature bit is "Here's Your Sign" when he's describing the stupid things people do.  Well, those words came to my mind not because of anything stupid but because if I needed to tell about my life in one word..."here's my sign"...JESUS.  Just seeing this in someones yard made me know where they stand.  AMEN!

Traveling through the Tennessee countryside was absolutely beautiful!  The lush green beauty of the grass, trees, shrubbery and fields on the rolling hills was breathtaking.  As we rolled along, I thought this may just be a glimpse of heaven! (except without the heat and humidity!)  Many homes had shady front porches with cozy swings and rockers seemingly inviting us to "come and still a spell".  Wouldn't it be fun just to drop in and visit to find out who lives there?  Might take them by surprise!

 You could almost reach out and touch the corn in the fields!
Russ took us to Paris this morning for a break; Paris, Tennessee, that is!

 The beautiful fountain offered a peaceful backdrop to our break at the city park.
 Across the street at the Presbyterian Church was a beautiful cross on the wall.
As we left Paris, we turned south on US Hwy 641.
 We reached Camden, Tennessee just before 12:30 and got a room at the Best Western.
 After checking in, we went to our usual routines, Russ into the shower, Gene rests on the bed, I go get some ice.  On the way back from getting ice, I met Ben Thompson, the motel manager who asks if the van/trailer/cross is ours.  We struck up a conversation and shared a common bond of our faith in Jesus Christ.  He invited us to attend Bible study in his home this evening.  When he told me it was normally on Tuesday, but this time it was Thursday I knew it was providential that we were at this motel, on this day at this time.  Ben came to pick us up and take us to his home where we were blessed with a delicious meal, a great Bible study led by the Pastor (in the white shirt). 
 This was just a part of the kind, caring, welcoming group.  We felt so blessed!
 Lisa and Ben (in the center below) were so gracious to invite us to their home.
Remember how "Jesus" was the theme of the day? Well, before the study we did some singing.."What a Friend We Have in JESUS" and "He Keeps Me Singing" where the chorus is
"Jesus, Jesus, Jesus, sweetest name I know,
Fills my every longing, keeps me singing as I go."
We truly experienced radical hospitality and generosity tonight.  First time we've ever been invited to into the home of the manager of the motel where we're staying for a Bible study...
isn't God AMAZING??????!!!!
Thank you, Ben, Lisa and ALL the others - you were a BLESSING to us!

It's time to get some rest, however, I'm not too sleepy yet.  That might have something to do with the nap I took after swimming in the pool and eating Chinese food for lunch and that it's been an awesome day!
Thank you for your prayers!  Until tomorrow,
Russ & Carol


  1. Russ & Carol
    You guys are such a blessing I got all choked up when your cup of blessing just overran into mine and ran out of my eyes. I loved the story of your Bible study with the group from the hotel. It is such a blessing that God gives you a moment and that you are so open and willing to pass that blessing on to others pressed down and multiplied. Love you and Carol be careful and continue to throw caution to the wind as you continue our journey

    Love Clayton and Cindy

  2. Wow, as I am reading this to Julie as we are making our way through Va. back to Roanoke to catch a plane back to Texas,tears of praise and blessing are also flowing out of my eyes. Thank you Jesus for this wonderful week we have just shared, but most of all thank You for precious friends like you and Russ who are Jesus to us and so many more.
    Love you guys,
    David and Julie



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