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Monday, July 9, 2012

Day 23, the first rainy day!

We began the day a little later this morning as it began to rain just after 7 am.  After packing up and eating breakfast, Russ got decked out in his rain gear.  We hoped to ride east out of the rain as we left the Days Inn in Pratt, Kansas on US Hwy 54/400 at 7:45.  They desperately needed rain in Pratt, so it was a blessing for them, the temperature was just 68 degrees and we had a tailwind, so that was a blessing for us! 

 After a while, we began to see breaks in the clouds & a bit of blue sky.  We were traveling through bands of rain.
 After about 35 miles we got out of the rain.  Russ had averaged about 20 mph during this time since the wind was helping us.  When we stopped in Kingman to get gas for the van and take a break at McDonald's we saw a little of the sun peeking through.  We didn't want to stop for too long because we thought the weather may be following us!  The wind turned and was a cross wind from the north, but didn't slow Russ down too much.  We crossed into Sedgwick county, I took a picture because Russ was born in this county! 
After another 30 miles from Kingman, we came into Goddard where we stopped at Pizza Hut for lunch.  We FINALLY made it to a Pizza Hut in time to enjoy the lunch buffet!  Russ especially enjoys the salad bar and veggie lovers pizza, YUM!  When we came out from the restaurant, there was a $5 under our windshield wiper.  Some anonymous person encouraged and blessed us by leaving a donation.  It amazes me how kind and generous people are!

By this time, the rain no longer seemed to be a threat so we headed onward to Wichita.  The road was 4 lane coming out of Pratt, then was 2 lane for awhile with a nice shoulder, then back to 4 lane for a time with a terrible shoulder and Russ rode on the right lane's edge with not too much traffic.  For about 10 miles there was a GREAT 4 lane road with a wide shoulder but had perpendicular rumble strips every 15 yards or so...not conducive for bike riding!  We are used to parallel rumble strips just past the white stripe, and we can deal with them. So back to the right lane again!  The traffic got heavier as we approached Wichita, it was a "pray without ceasing" time for me again!  The white knuckle times are around the exit and on-ramps of the highway, especially when it intersects with an Interstate.  My hands were gripping the wheel, so I didn't take many pictures today!  At one point in Wichita, we passed a billboard I normally would have taken a photo of, but there was too much traffic.  It said FORGE AHEAD...that was a message for me!  I was a little nervous about the traffic, but it's my job to be the big object for people to see and avoid so they don't hit Russ.  I am VERY thankful for the protection I felt as we traveled on the roads!

We arrived at La Quinta in Wichita at 2:30.  Russ was ready for a shower, then we went to spend time in the beautiful pool in a courtyard just outside our room.
After enjoying the pool, we went to the hot tub which was just behind the wooden poles and plants off to the right in the picture behind the pool.  While we were soaking, I was sitting on the edge and noticed a lady passing by with a loaded luggage cart and was having a hard time pushing the cart down the narrow sidewalk with a small child with her.  I jumped up to help, thinking there was sidewalk behind me...whoops, the steps to the hot tub were there and I fell flat on my face! I hit the shin on my left leg, somehow hit the edge of my right foot and scraped the wrist on my right arm.  What a KLUTZ!  Russ quickly got ice and I rested in a chair beside the pool for awhile.  Some sweet ladies came to check on sweet and a blessing!  So...I've had my feet up, have been icing down my injuries.  I don't think anything is broken, but I know I'm going to be sore.

Today was an 83 mile day bringing the total trip mileage so far up to 1537 miles...on a BIKE...doesn't that sound unbelievable?!  We are over half way to our destination, only by the strength and grace of God!  Thank you for praying us through, we appreciate all your encouragement and prayers.  We couldn't do it without you!
I'd better go put my feet up again!  Until tomorrow,
Russ & the KLUTZ!

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  1. Get well soon, Mrs. Munch! I'm glad that you didn't break anything.



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