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Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Our Journey Begins!

We started biking from International Falls, MN at 6:20 am.  God blessed us with a beautiful sunny day, some puffy clouds and beginning temperature of 69 degrees.  Coming out of Int. Falls we encountered good roads, mostly level terrain.  We rode our tandem bike for the first couple of hours.  Carol rode 40 miles total - more than she's ever ridden in one day!  We took frequent breaks (for those worried about him, Russ ate and drank at every stop-we had lots of peanut butter, trail mix, bananas, yogurt, etc.)
In the morning we encountered an unusual and unexpected challenge - HORSEFLIES!!  First we thought they were bees humming around our helmets, then we got a closer look and made the identification.  Russ was bitten a few times and they SWARMED around our vehicle and trailer as we followed him.  We tried to catch some on video but have a feeling it won't do it justice. After awhile, they seemed to give up on us with just a couple coming to hover now and then.
Then trek to Bemidji was 115 miles with not many towns or places to stop along the way.  We did meet some new friends, Emil, Shelley and the gang in Funkley, Minnesota at the Funkley Bar.  Shelley kindly filled our water jugs with ice and water and gave me a Funkley Bar T-shirt.  It's nice and bright colored to wear on the road. 
We arrived in Bemidji just after 3pm and are staying in the Bemidji Super 8 where the hot tub we soaked in was worth every penny we paid for the room!  We have our route planned out for tomorrow and hope to reach Brainerd via the Paul Bunyan State Trail. 
Today was a wonderful day, we enjoyed the beauty of God's creation, the sights, sounds (even the buzz of the horsefly!) and evidence of the Lord's presence with us. We thank you for your prayers, we can certainly feel them!
Until next time...keep praying!
Carol (&snoozing Russ)

1 comment:

  1. The longest journey starts with the first step( or pedal-push). Congrats on a Great first day.
    Mike & Sharon( the Mills)



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