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Thursday, July 21, 2011

Day 14

 The first picture I took today was along Highway 51, Fort Jefferson Memorial Cross, I thought this would be a good picture for the thumbnail on Facebook!

This morning we left our motel in Cairo, Illinois and drove back across the river to the "Welcome to Kentucky" sign where Russ would resume his ride.  We were on the road at 6:20 am and the temperature was a pleasant 76 degrees.  We were on highway 51 south, a narrow tree-lined road along a levee.  Fortunately, there was not much traffic.

 Kentucky also looked pretty and green and there were LOTS of corn fields, in fact, in some places the corn was planted within a couple feet of the road.  Funny thing, but this Nebraska farm girl had forgotten the smell of corn fields.  Being surrounded by corn with the windows down, the pleasant, familiar smell brought back happy memories.  Russ said the humidity was REALLY high as we traveled down the tree-lined or cornfield lined roads.

When we came into Bardwell, we saw this bike...maybe Russ should ride one like that!

 Someone had a BEAUTIFUL garden edged with sunflowers. 
 We could smell this place coming before we could see it...mmmm, mmmm, love the smell of ham and bacon!!
We took a break in Clinton, Kentucky before we turned on highway 123 west to 239 south.  They were wonderful roads, not busy at all with many "happy" honkers. In Clinton, we took a break in front of a nursing home, they had pretty crepe myrtles.
 We arrived at the Tennessee border at 10:15 after traveling just over 40 miles through Kentucky.
 We had lunch at McDonald's in Union City and then headed south on highway 51, a nice 4 lane road with a WIDE shoulder.  It was a designated bike route.  Two of our breaks we took under overpasses just so we could enjoy some shade, Flat Stanley enjoyed the breaks, too!  The car thermometer showed 98 degrees, Russ' thermometer showed 104 degrees at the highest point.
We arrived in Dyersburg, Tennessee around 2:15 and checked into our motel, then jumped in the outdoor pool, it felt good!  We replenished our banana and gatorade supplies at Walmart, then ate supper. It's been a great 86 mile day, God blessed us with safe & not too hilly roads and beautiful things to see, smell and enjoy.  We are hitting the hay to be ready for the road again tomorrow.
Thanks for your prayers, emails, comments & words of encouragement - that's what is keeping us going.
Blessings to you!
Russ & Carol

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  1. Incredible journey! Thanks for sharing with us.



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