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Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Day Seven

Our GREAT niece and nephews!!
I tried to put this picture at the bottom, but it would not cooperate!

Another wonderful day in Iowa! We spent the night in Perry so we drove back to Bayard this morning to take off at 7:30 from where we stopped yesterday. There are lots of hills in this part of Iowa! The fortunate part is that you can coast downhill pretty fast and it brings the average mph up over the slow climbing speed. Russ just pedaled today, I drove the follow vehicle...too hilly for me!!

The weather was cloudy and about 68 degrees with a fairly strong NW wind. (thanks again for praying for a tailwind!) We stopped in Guthrie Center for a break at 8:30 am and were just about to take off again when the thunder rumbled and the rain poured down. Russ found shelter under a gas station cover & we had a 30 minute "rain delay". We headed down Hwy 25 south and took another roadside break about 9:45, by then the sun was peeking through the clouds and the sky began to clear.
Russ rode to Greenfield, then turned west on 92 to Fontanelle where we arrived around noon. Our niece, her husband and their adorable children were there to greet us and feed us a delicious lunch. We enjoyed the time to visit and finalize plans for the ministry event at their church (Immanuel Lutheran) this Saturday. We will drive back to their house on Friday night to spend the weekend with them in Fontanelle. We are looking forward to it!!
We drove back to Greenfield, Russ got back on the bike and headed south on Hwy 25 to Creston where we are spending the night. We got one of the last motel rooms in town (lots of railroad workers I guess)
Russ was cleaning and working on his bike after supper when the cable to the rear derailer broke. The blessing part of this is that we were not on the road when it happened, once again stopped for the night. (isn't God good?) Also, he has an extra bike he will ride tomorrow & he located a bike shop on our route so he can have the cable repaired tomorrow.
Did I mention that I found my sunglasses yesterday? Praise the LORD! - what an answer to prayer! Now we need prayers because we haven't been able to locate Russ' cell phone today. We searched through EVERYTHING, but God knows where it is and we are trusting He will let us in on that secret!
Tomorrow we are heading east most of the time so pray for a tailwind from the west, or no wind at all!
Until next time...
Russ & Carol

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