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Friday, July 22, 2011

Day 15, 86 more miles!

God blessed us with another great day!  We began at 6:20 am in Dyersburg, Tennessee with cloudy skies and 78 degrees.  We headed south on Highway 51 and remained on that same road all day.  We took our first break at 8 am in Ripley and Russ had already biked 25 miles.  The road, a four lane highway, had a full lane size shoulder for some of the day.  That's like a biking super highway!  Thank you, LORD!  Some of the time the shoulder was narrow or non-existent during the day, but we remained safe even though the road was BUSY.

We're always looking for crosses as we travel, this one was on the side of a church.

 Our second break was in the parking lot of a strip center in Covington, TN around 9:30.  By then it was sunny and 84 degrees.  A city worker in a truck drove up and asked about what we were doing.  We had a nice visit with Barry and he generously made a donation to our missions.  It's interesting how some people are curious and make a special effort to stop and encourage us.  What a gift from God!
Often before Russ gets back on the bike, he cleans the chain as he is doing in this picture.
 We took another break at the Munford McDonald's.  Russ' encouragement card was from Dan & Cheryl Spearman this morning and they told him to have ice cream, so he did!! 
We headed further south and hit the Memphis city limits around 12:15.  The ride through Memphis went very smoothly since we just stayed on the same highway.  That made it easy!  Also, notice what street it was, can you read the street sign??  Elvis Presley Blvd!
 All I can say is...they must have SOME kind of rodent problem here in Memphis!!
 As we headed down Elvis Presley Blvd, we eventually came by Graceland.  I took a picture of the Lisa Marie plane that is "parked" beside the road!
 Here's the Graceland sign by the visitor center & the other plane beside the Lisa Marie.
We stopped shortly thereafter, loaded up the bike and drove to where we could find a room in a motel.  Tomorrow we will return near Graceland, hopefully to have a picture with Russ on his bike.

It was a fairly uneventful day. (THANKFULLY safe!)  As I follow Russ on busy roads like today, I often find myself focusing a lot of my attention in the rear view mirror, I also spend a lot of time praying for people behind us to be alert, to pay attention and move to the left lane.  Sometimes watching the cars and trucks speeding toward us in the rear view mirror can make me very nervous and worry about being hit.  It's that trust thing again! God reminded me to trust Him for what's behind me and focus on what's ahead.  Isn't that true also with our lives?  Don't worry about what's past or behind us...Keep our eyes on Him.
Thanks for your prayers, we feel them EVERY DAY!!!
Until tomorrow,
Russ & Carol

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  1. July 23, Sat. is my prayer day for you. You are both the topic of conversation when Methodists get together. All are following your travels, and praying that you will be safe as you continue to be shining beacons for the Lord. Thank you so much, Carol, for your wonderful posts. We are so proud of both of you. Frances



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