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Friday, July 8, 2011

Day Three and Four

Sorry we missed blogging yesterday, but we were BUSHED! We will fill you in on yesterday and today.

Day Three- a day of true blessings
We left Brainerd, Minnesota just after 7 am.  It was cloudy and we even felt a few sprinkles as we prepared to leave.  Fortunately, as the morning progressed the sky cleared and it was another beautiful sunny day.  We took a break at McDonald's (we LOVE their wild berry smoothies!) in Little Falls and were relaxing in a grassy picnic area behind the building where we met Kathy Condon.  She was curious about what we were doing and stopped to ask and we had a great visit. She is praying for our journey - thank you, Kathy!
We also took a break at Beck's Produce near Kimball.  We had a nice visit with the owner & other customers from Hutchinson and enjoyed great fresh strawberries. 
Kimball was our stopping point for the day (4:00 pm - 92 miles) - they did not have a motel so we drove 10 miles east to Annandale (thanks to the recommendation from Mary Lynne at Beck's Produce strawberry stand) and found a nice place.  We were unloading when Russ walked by the front passenger side and noticed the tire was half flat.  He took our things inside and by the time he came back out it was completely flat.  He got out the bicycle pump and pumped it up so we could get to the tire shop.  Okay, here's where we can see God's protection and blessing.  We had stopped for the day when we had a wasn't out on the road.  The motel clerk showed us where the tire shop was about 1 block away.  The shop was open and Scott & Kim at Annandale Auto Care fixed the tire at NO CHARGE - what a blessing!!!  We also met Mary, another customer there who was so kind to give our mission a cash donation on the spot and will pray for us. 
We rode the tandem for 36 miles in the morning with some hills and a headwind and I (Carol) got VERY tired! By the time we ate supper and hit the pool and hot tub it was 7:30 and I got into bed!  Russ is SO much stronger!  He is doing GREAT!!

Day Four
We drove from Annandale back to Kimball just after 6 am.  We were blessed again with beautiful sunny skies with a starting temperature of 67 degrees.  We headed south from Kimball on highway 15.  There was quite a bit of traffic sometimes with, sometimes without a shoulder but drivers were kind and careful around us.  We get a lot of "friendly" honks and waves.  At about 11:00 am we stopped at the Winthrop Drive Inn for a break and visited with nice folks there - it was a busy and happening place! 
Russ did all the riding today, Carol just followed during the 78 mile trip to New Ulm where we arrived at 1:00 pm.  It was nice to have a shorter day and we've already enjoyed the pool this afternoon and it's just after 3:30!  Tomorrow will be another short day to Fairmont where we will be doing a ministry event at Katie McConnell's church.  We are really excited and looking forward to it!  Pray for fair weather!
Once again, thank you so much for your prayers - we can certainly feel them & see the results!  By the way we have a prayer request, Carol has misplaced her sunglasses...please pray that we will find them somewhere in our stuff - thanks!
Blessings to you! Until next time...
Russ & Carol


  1. If y'all like the wild berry smoothies, then try the mango banana smoothies from McDonalds. Very tasty!

    I've enjoyed reading about your journey! Definitely many prayers!


  2. Always praying....give Katie a hug from her folks...:)



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