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Monday, July 25, 2011

Day 17, another 100 miles

After a night of thunder, lightning and rain, we left the motel in Grenada, Mississippi under overcast skies and a pleasant temperature of 74 degrees.  We drove to the spot to pick up the trail on Hwy 51 south at the Montgomery county line where Russ started pedaling just after 6:30 am.  About an hour after we started, Russ had a flat. Fortunately, there was a spot to pull off and he quickly changed out the wheel. (thanks to quick release wheels!)

Traffic was light and the road not too hilly so after riding 31 miles and a roadside break at 9:00, we got out the tandem and I ACTUALLY rode again today!!  We stopped for a break about an hour later in Durant and just after we started riding again, it started to rain and rained on and off for the next hour or so.  We kept on going.  I got a phone call early in the morning from a friend traveling back from Florida wondering where we were, he drove up to meet us and sure enough, there Otto Warteman was on the road taking our picture as we passed!  We stopped for a visit, then rode on.  Otto treated us to lunch at a Chinese restaurant in Canton, MS after Russ & I rode 50 miles on the tandem.  It was great to see a familiar face and enjoy our time together. God is good and brought great encouragement through Otto!

Russ got out his bike again to continue and he had a flat AGAIN!  He changed out the wheel AGAIN and kept on going to Ridgeland, MS - just on the north edge of Jackson, MS stopping at 3:50 for a total of 100 miles. 
We were glad to find a motel and finally get out of our wet clothes. The cold pool felt refreshing, as well as a warm shower. Tonight I used the blow dryer to dry out our shoes.  Russ changed the tire on one wheel in our motel room, set it aside and started changing the other.  Gene was resting on his bed, I was laying on ours reading when POW! I thought the guys hanging around outside on the sidewalk were exchanging gunfire!  But it was the 1st tire Russ had changed, it had blown off the wheel scaring ME to death!  We really laughed!
Tonight we have thunder and rain again.  Overcast skies would be good for tomorrow as well, the temperature stayed under 90 today with no wind in the morning.  As we look at the map, the end of our trip is in sight.  The only way we've made it so far is by the grace of God, with His guidance, power and strength and through the prayers and encouragement of SO many people!  Keep on praying, we're getting closer!
Blessings to you - until tomorrow, 
Russ & Carol   

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