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Thursday, July 14, 2011

Day Nine

We left Honey Creek Resort in Iowa this morning at 6:26 am.  It was overcast with a SSE headwind and 67 degrees.  We headed down County road J18 to Moravia, Iowa where we turned onto J3T.  Russ took a break in Unionville and we headed south on T61, took Hwy 2 for a couple of miles, then to Hwy 202.  We arrived at the Missouri border around 9:30, the clouds had started to break up and it was sunny and 70 degrees by 10 o'clock. 
We stopped in Lancaster, MO for gas and a break at Casey's gas station where we met Marcie Martin who paid for our gas and Laura who gave us a cash donation for our ministry.  Just over 5 miles across the border and we were welcomed so generously!  We felt blessed.
We stopped in Downing at the Hometown Cafe for lunch.  We parked out front and owner, James, came out to greet us.  What a delicious lunch and great visit!  We took pictures before we left and James generously gave us a donation as well.  What encouragement and blessing!
We rode the tandem bike for twenty five miles from Memphis to Kehoka, MO and Russ finished his 100 miles at Wayland, MO.  No motels there, so we drove across the border to Keokuk Iowa. 
Today I did alot of listening as I followed Russ with the window down on our vehicle.  At 15 mph or so (the wind was a challenge) you really notice, see and hear a lot.  The most common bird I saw and heard today was the red-wing blackbird.  They even like to fly along above Russ!  Another bird I enjoy hearing is the meadowlark with such a distinctive call.  I also heard a bob-white.  I really don't know much about birds, but we see and hear a lot of them as we ride, they always sound so happy!  Reminds me of the passages about birds in the Bible and how much God cares for them and us.
The other, more disturbing thing I noticed - it was a bad day for raccoons.  I counted 23 raccoons that unfortunately didn't make it across the road. (We didn't hit them, they were already road kill - poor things!)
While riding the tandem bike today we faced some pretty steep hills (Russ did on his own, too) that seemed almost like impossible obstacles.  I decided the best way to face them was to tuck my head behind Russ, just keep pedaling and not look around him to the hill. Many times the obstacles we face in life can make us feel as if we can't make it, or they are too big.  But if we look to Christ and just keep pedaling He will give us the strength we need to face those obstacles. 
Tomorrow we will pedal south for part of the day, then load up the bike and drive back to Fontanelle, Iowa for the ministry events for the weekend.  We are looking forward to staying with family tomorrow night!
Thanks again for all your encouragement and prayers!
Russ & Carol

Crossing from Iowa into Missouri

Lunch in Downing, Iowa at the Hometown Cafe with James

Our view from the vehicle

That's what it's all about!

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