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Sunday, July 10, 2011

A GREAT weekend!!

On Saturday morning we woke to lots of clouds and a light rain in New Ulm, MN.  By the time we got ready, ate breakfast, packed up and got on the road at 7:15, the rain had stopped - PRAISE THE LORD!  We just had 50 miles to go this morning so figured we'd make it to Fairmont by 10:30 am.  So much for well made plans...we were met with a STRONG headwind, probably 20 MPH with gusts to 30.  Russ rode as hard as he could with me following him praying for the wind to change, stop or be blocked by the angels.  God had an interesting way of answering those prayers.  Along the way we were passed by Ray Ortega, a trucker traveling on Highway 15.  He pulled over, got out and stopped Russ.  He gave him words of encouragement and a cash donation to our missions.  About 30 minutes later, it happened again.  Jan & Jan Melgren, (sorry Jans if not correct spelling) a mother & daughter-in-law, pulled over and once again encouraged us and gave a cash donation,too!  What blessings and answers to prayer!  Along the road that day Russ saw a biker pedaling north and noticed he just had one arm, it was not only humbling to Russ, but encouraging to him as well.  Later on Russ saw a scrap of purple cloth lying on the road.  That has special meaning to us because of Christ's royalty and the Easter message of the cross. Russ has given a message on how we as Christians are "the remnant" of God's people and handed out pieces of purple cloth...once again, more encouragement.  God knows what we need, and when we need it!
We arrived in Fairmont at noon, checked into a motel and headed down to meet Katie McConnell at Fairmont United Methodist Church. Katie had a GREAT event planned - a family fun day at Sylvania park.  We did a fun ride on our bikes around the beautiful town, there was a kid talent show, water balloons, food, music from a great band and a chance to share our story.  We had a great time and enjoyed meeting the wonderful, friendly people.  We were ready to crash last night!
Sunday morning we enjoyed worshipping with our new friends at Fairmont UMC, sharing a testimony and then being treated to a meal at The Ranch restaurant with the Brunch Bunch.  Jim & Melinda...Katie is GREAT and yes, we did get to hug her!
This afternoon we have been enjoying a true Sabbath at the motel.  We will be ready to head out in the morning with only about 12 miles left in Minnesota.  We head south on Highway 15 once again.  Please pray for tail winds! 
Once again, thank you for your prayers!!!
Russ & Carol

Some pictures of Family Fun Day and Fairmont UMC


  1. i'm amazed at y'all's progress! super proud of y'all and the journey you are on! continued prayers. keep up the great work for our Lord!
    <3 the oliver fam!

  2. Thanks for stopping in Fairmont. We were blessed to have you with us. God speed and blessings on your travel...
    the Higgins



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