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Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Second Day of Riding

Under hazy skies we began our trek from Corona to Desert Hot Springs, California.  We all woke up early (still under the infuence of the Central Standard Time) enjoyed a great breakfast and were on the road at 7:00 am.  It was a cool 62 degrees.

The streets were wide, many with bike lanes and the traffic was light and friendly.  After about 12 miles, Russ was able to ride on the Santa Ana River trail for awhile.  Once again, the challenge was on to find him again!  I am SO THANKFUL for technology!  My maps app on my iphone was a lifesaver!  There was even a grocery store along our journey so we stopped and stocked up on bananas & bing cherries ($1.79 per pound!). By now the temperature was a comfortable 75 degrees.

Many of the streets were tree lined and beautiful with great bike lanes.  I never imagined our trip through LA would be as beautiful and relaxed.  When you stay away from the freeways, it looks like any other just goes on FOREVER!! 
We passed a few orange groves as well as fields with plants we couldn't identify with workers out picking something!
Today was a very challenging day as Russ met with his first mountain range and traveling through a city we made MANY turns and took MANY streets.  He had a paper rubber-banded to his bike with turn by turn directions.  We took a break in Yacaipa in the shade of the Church of Christ.  As we drove through a neighborhood I noticed a sign in a yard with the scripture: "For in Him we live and move and have our being." (Tonight I found it's address: Acts 17:28) Who has scripture in their yard? I see it as a sign of encouragement for us even though the person who put it there has no idea who we are or that we noticed.  Reading the passage reinforced the fact that God is in charge of it all; even though roads weren't where we expected them, or we seemed to make 10,000 turns, we are where we are because "for in Him we live and move and have our being".
The next "God moment" happened around 11 am this morning.  We were really getting into the hills, and the temperature was rising to around 90.  Russ was pedalling HARD up a very steep road and I could tell by his body it was tough. As we crawled up the slope, in the rear view mirrors I see another cyclist barrelling up the hill behind us. I moved  left so he could charge up the bike lane on our right to catch up with Russ.  As he passed, he looked in at us with a huge smile & a wave.  As soon as he caught up with Russ and started talking to him, I saw Russ regain energy and motivation.  Jason rode along with Russ for 20 minutes or more, chatting as they rode.  God sends us someone to encourage us when we need it.
We stopped in Banning at McDonalds for a break (and a wild berry smoothie) around 1 pm.  As we were about to leave, Randy & Ron asked about our journey, we visited a bit and they prayed for us! What a blessing and another sign of encouragement!  Thanks, guys!
After a few problems with roads being closed or nonexistant, doing a bit of back-tracking & searching, we finally made it to Desert Hot Springs around 3:15!  As you can see, it is stark, dry land and the land of the LARGE AND MANY wind turbines!

After two visits to the pool & hot tubs, Russ getting a massage, dinner at a nearby Chinese restaurant, we are ready to call it a night.  We thank God for the incredible blessing of getting us (miraculously!) through such a HUGE city safely and with our sanity (somewhat!?) intact.  People have been very friendly and encouraging; faith in Christ is a unique and common bond which can be communicated in many ways. 
We can tell you are praying for us! In fact, whoever is praying for a tailwind, WAY TO GO! Getting into Desert Hot Springs there was about a 40+ mph wind pushing Russ along - PRAISE THE LORD!! Thank you for being a blessing to us with your prayers.
Resting in His goodness,
Russ & Carol

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  1. I'm enjoying following you guys! Stay safe and know that I am praying for you on your journey.



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