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Saturday, June 16, 2012

Day 5 of Riding

We woke EARLY this morning and left the motel at 4:30 am, filled the gas tank and headed back to where we'd left off in the desert (Hwy 62 in Rice, CA on the map). Yesterday, (Friday afternoon) we had experienced HEAVY traffic  (trucks, boats & trailers all headed to the lake) by the end of the ride so we knew if we started at sunrise we had a MUCH better chance of beating the traffic.  We were right!  As we prayed and set off on our journey, it was 5:24 am and 70 degrees; what a GREAT way to start the day in the desert and we were BLESSED with a beautiful sunrise!

When we took our first break after 18 miles at 6:50, only 11 cars had passed us during that time...MUCH better traffic experience!  We made it back the 37 miles to Parker (where we had spent the night) by 8:00 am.  Welcome BACK to Arizona!

In Parker we enjoyed breakfast at McDonald's after we turned north on Arizona Hwy 95 along the Colorado river.  The highway was 4 lane at times, 2 lanes sometimes, most times with a nice shoulder.  Arizona is a bike friendly state and you often see these signs.  We've had many more "happy honks" and waves than grumpy ones!

We saw a variety of terrain in the 75 miles we covered today: sand, rocks, desert, hills, mountains.  Very barren, dry and hot!  Russ saw a few lizards scurry across the road, at one point we saw a Roadrunner dart out with lunch in his mouth, then hurry back after noticing Russ on his bike.  He was MUCH too fast for me to pick up the camera to capture the moment.  Here are some shots of today's terrain.

This, believe it or not, is what is Rice, California on the map! Maybe once a gas station???

We arrived in Lake Havasu City at noon.  Russ' bike temperatures ranged from the 70 degrees at the start to the highest at 116 degrees!

After checking into Travelodge, we made our way down to the London Bridge, browsed around, watched the boats and jet skis come and go, and enjoyed some shaved ice in the shade.  Wow, it is HOT here!!!

Yesterday, I was so relieved when Russ got off the bike on Hwy 62 when he did.  As we were driving at highway speed toward Parker, vehicles were passing us like we were standing still! The highway was "roller coaster" like with small hills and dips where it would be hard to slow down coming over a hill. The road made twists and turns as well. It made me realize how vulnerable we can be on the highways.  This morning, the same highway was calm and peaceful.  Following the guy I love so much and want to protect, a scriptural song I often teach to children came to mind.
"Trust in the Lord with all your heart and lean not on your own understanding. In all your ways, acknowledge Him and He will make your path straight - OH YEAH! He will make your path straight!"
Well...He teaches me to trust Him more each day, and not just depend on myself.  There were curves, hills, climbs and downhills in our" literal" path today, but He "straightened" my path to depend on Him. 
Thank you for your prayers!!! We're pedaling a little stronger every day!
Blessings to you,
Russ & Carol

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  1. Love reading your posts and giving the report to Chris each day! We love y'all and think about y'all often!



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