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Saturday, June 30, 2012

Day 16, Russ conquered Wolf Creek Pass!!!

Russ rode out of the San Juan motel parking lot in Pagosa Springs just before 8 am north on US Hwy 160.  We were under sunny skies, the temperature was around 60 degrees.  The road was great, we had a nice wide shoulder to begin with, he rode about 14 miles with a constant gradual uphill. 
 He came to the sign that says Wolf Creek Pass Summit, 8 miles, let the STEEP climb begin!!!
 Once the steep climb began, the road widened to two lanes going uphill with a narrow shoulder.
 Getting ready for the switchbacks. You can see the rocks across the middle of the mountain ahead, that's where we are going on the road.

We stopped at a lookout for a break and looked down over the road covered so far...AMAZING!!!
 We met motorcycle riders, Mike and friends and enjoyed a visit, some were even from Nebraska!  Mike gave a generous donation, we wished each other well and headed out.  We were headed in opposite directions, they were going to places where we had just been and vice versa!
You can see the roads behind Russ that he had climbed, what legs of steel!

The picture really doesn't show the steep climb, but believe me, it was!  He's getting closer to the top!

He made it to the Wolf Creek Pass Summit!  10,857 feet.  It took about 3 hours to ride the 23 miles.

A picture by the Wolf Creek Ski Area.

Then the downhill flying began!!!
 Russ got up to 40+ mph hour going downhill. It's hanging on, looking out for bumps & rocks and coasting!  FAST!!
 We went through two tunnels.

Russ rode on to South Fork, Colorado...the 20 miles down from the pass took just over an hour.
 They have giant ducks in South Fork

 We enjoyed lunch at The Hungry Logger restaurant in South Fork before we drove back to Pagosa Springs. where we all relaxed for awhile.  This evening we went to town to get more bananas, (now we're at 95) bread & honey. Then Russ had an hour massage.  When we came back to the motel we enjoyed the evening on the porch once again.  Last night I saw a deer wander just behind our cabin, tonight we saw a bear!! Less than 50 feet from us, the brown spot in the center of the picture really is a bear in both pictures!
It was getting kind of dark the last time we saw it.

Today was a really incredible day, the beauty of our surroundings was breathtaking! God has made a beautiful and wonderful earth for us to enjoy. Russ rode a total of 43 miles.  I am SO thankful for the strength and endurance God has given Russ. (The massage therapist told Russ that he had great calves and could tell that he was strong and well hydrated!) I am thankful for the great roads we encountered today and the safety we felt.  We look forward to tomorrow as we take the Sabbath to worship, rest and relax.  Thank you again for your prayers, that is what sustains us!  Blessings to you!
Russ & Carol

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  1. I'm so happy things continue to go well for you guys. Thanks for being an inspiration for us all!



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