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Sunday, June 17, 2012

Happy Father's Day! Happy Sunday...a little bit of riding

We woke at 6 am to a warm, sunny day in Havasu City, Arizona.  We dressed quickly and Russ rode on AZ Highway 95 north out of town.  Early on Sunday morning the traffic was fairly light, the road had a nice shoulder and by 8:00 am he had 20 miles in to the point where Hwy 95 meets I-40.  We drove back to Havasu City & to our motel where we QUICKLY cleaned up, packed up and went to St. Michael's United Methodist Church in Havasu City.

 We were warmly welcomed and enjoyed worshipping with the congregation led by Rev. Richard Rounds.  The sermon title is on the sign, "It Ain't Never the Same", the pastor spoke about how change affects us in our lives and how we can choose to respond to change.  As visitors, we received a delicious loaf of banana bread! 

We enjoyed the message, the music and the fellowship, we felt very blessed!  After worship, we drove once again up the road we had covered earlier in the morning, crossing over to California, then to Bullhead City, AZ, then across the river again to Laughlin, Nevada! We've been in three states just today!  We are staying in the Aquarius Resort.  It has a casino which we don't really care about or involve ourselves with, but have thoroughly enjoyed the POOL, the view of the river, dinner and relaxing.  Originally, Russ' route would have brought us through Needles, CA, but he found a little less steep route another way.  Since we had reservations here, we drove up and have spent the rest of the day relaxing. Tomorrow morning we will drive back to Hwy 95/I-40 and continue from there.

With us on the road, it's an unusual Father's day, but a memorable one that Russ & his dad have spent together.  We pray that your Father's day has been blessed and enjoyed with those you love.  It's a time to appreciate and remember Father's that are with us here on earth, those (like mine) who have a home in heaven now, and our Heavenly Father who dearly loves us more than we can imagine. 

The song playing in my head this morning was: "This is the day that the Lord has made...let us rejoice and be glad in it!"  Let's do it!
Thank you once again for your prayers, they kept us going!  Blessings to you as we pedal along, 
Russ & Carol


  1. We held our send off for the Haiti mission this morning along with wishing all the Fathers their due any way hope that you and Russ have a successful mission finishing what you started last year

    Love Clayton and Cindy

  2. We kept you in our prayers during the sermon Sunday. We miss you both. We have enjoyed meeting Tom and his lovely wife, and look forward to knowing them better. Frances



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