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Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Day 12 of Riding!

The day began with breakfast, this time the motel gave coupons to the restaurant where we enjoyed eggs, hash browns & toast - it was good!  Yesterday we filled a low tire on the van when we left the Grand Canyon, this morning it was almost flat.  So...we found the T/C - N - Tech auto repair shop nearby that opened at 8 am.  Chuck had the tire fixed (a nail & a screw in it!) quickly and we were on our way at 8:30! Bless you, Chuck! Thank the Lord we were in Tuba City when we had the flat and they had a tire shop!

By 9:25 we had reached mile marker 366 on US hwy 160 to start riding again.  Under clear skies and 80 degree temperatures we prayed and headed out.  We saw variety in the terrain today: sand, hills, rocks, mountains, it was a beautiful day!
 Russ pedaled 28 miles to Kayenta in one hour and twenty minutes and half of it was uphill! We had a great shoulder, some downhill and a tail wind.  When filling the van with gas in Kayenta, we met some gals who were painting a church & ministering to children in the area, once again the cross draws us together as Christians.
 Facing a STEEP hill! The picture doesn't do it justice, it was a steep grade!
 This is Church Rock
There were some sheep right by the road.  Russ really scared them when he said, "BAAAH!!!  I guess he didn't speak their language!
 "Baby Rocks" from a distance.  You can see the many pieces standing upright, I didn't get a good close up shot.

 Construction on the highway brought traffic to a halt at this one lane bridge.  When the light turned green Russ pedaled FAST to lead the group across the bridge!

This afternoon there were more clouds in the sky offering moments of shade here and there.
Beautiful scenery!
We ended the day on fairly rough pavement, much too rough to ride on the shoulder but fortunately not too much traffic to be on the road.  Thank you, LORD for your protection!
We ended the day in Mexican Water, Arizona just before 2 pm with a total of 70 miles.  We were passed by 8 or more firetrucks today heading northeast.  We wondered if they were off to lend assistance with fires in Colorado or New Mexico.  Tonight we must make a decision about our route in the next few days.  We were planning to go up through Colorado, but fires may change our route through New Mexico.  Please pray for wisdom as we assess the information we receive.
Once again, thank you for your prayers.  They truly sustain and bless us!
Until tomorrow!
Russ & Carol

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