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Monday, June 25, 2012

Day 10 of Riding and the Weekend at the GRAND CANYON

Friday, June 22, Day 10 of riding began early as we drove north from the Red Feather Lodge in Tusayan to enter the Grand Canyon State park only to begin riding east out of the park.  We started at the turn off to the Desert View lookout point and Russ biked east just after 6:30 am, it was clear and 64 degrees with light traffic. Twenty three miles later we arrived at the Desert View lookout where we took our first break.  The canyon was beautiful in the morning light and we had our "Kodak moments".

I especially love the fact that there are scriptures posted in various places around the appropriate!!! Worship and praise the Amighty creator!

 We were glad that we did not see any big cats along the road!
We were back on the road again following Hwy 64 until it ended at US 89.  It was just after 11:30 and was 98 degrees.  There was a strong wind, about 40 mph which was sometimes a crosswind, a headwind or tailwind.  Thankfully, most of the 30 + miles since our first break was downhill!  Russ said the high temp on the bike was 103 degrees.  We loaded up the bike and drove back to the Grand Canyon Ntl Park where we stopped at more lookout points and met fellow believers, Dan & Sandy as we were all overwhelmed by the grandeur of God's creation. 
We had more photo opportunities at the entrance and also with our "beary" best friend, Smokey!

In the evening, we sat outside our room on the porch since the rooms were not air-conditioned.  Once it cooled off, it felt very nice outside.  We were thankful for the two fans in the room to draw in some cool air!  As we were sitting outside, we noticed a tour bus delivered a load of people to our building and the next one.  One of the tourists stopped and visited, a very friendly man from Germany named Tony. 

We had a great visit with him, he enjoyed conversing in English and had a remarkable vocabulary and understanding.  God really blessed us with companionship!

Saturday, June 23
With no agenda this morning, we had a leasurely morning.  The three of us walked over to the rim (about 4-5 blocks) and rode the shuttle bus to Hermit's Rest, stopping at the 6 lookout points on the way up.  Very beautiful!  Last evening Russ & I had ridden the bus up & back without getting off, this morning we enjoyed stopping, walking, looking and taking pictures.

More scripture, I love it!

Russ & I were scheduled for a mule ride at 12:30, we were decked out in our boots, jeans & hats for our ride.  We were a little disappointed as Russ thought he reserved a ride down part of the canyon trail, but it was just through the dusty woods up to a lookout point and back.  It was fun, just not what we had expected.  I don't know if my "seat" could have withstood the ride down the canyon trail...three hours in a saddle were more than I needed! 
Saddling up for the mule ride.
One cool cowboy!
 Are they cowpokes or bandits?  It was so dusty, I was glad to have a bandana to put over my face now & then.
Normally, I don't take pictures in restrooms...but I had to take a picture of this! It has NEVER occured to me to drink out of the toilet! YUK!!

After changing & resting Russ & I walked to the Bright Angel Lodge and down the trail a bit.  The evening was cool and pleasant, we saw a couple of elk as we returned to the room.
The canyon is amazingly beautiful and shows God's handiwork wherever you look.

Sunday, June 24
Off we went to the airport at 7:30 to prepare for our helicopter ride over the canyon! 

We had originally scheduled it for Friday afternoon, but it was too windy.  Perfect timing...the ride was beautiful this morning, the wind was calm and the view amazing! 
The pilot flew east, then north over the canyon, west along the north rim, south across the canyon again...totally AWESOME!!!

This was the perfect way to start a Sunday morning, see God's amazing creation, then go back to worship the God who made it all!  We enjoyed worship with the Grand Canyon Community Church with Rev. Patrick Dotson at the Shrine of the Ages.  The message was inspiring, titled "Playing With Fire" from the scripture Isaiah 50:10-11.  We were warmly welcomed and had a wonderful time of worship. 

Here was the beautiful view out the windows on the side of the sanctuary.

In the afternoon Russ & Gene worked on changing a flat on one of the bike tires and putting the cross on top of the van.  We were reluctant to put it on in California since it is wood and they have agricultural check stations going in and out of the state. Today the guys had plenty of time to secure it.  We enjoyed a restful day with more rides on the shuttle (they have a WONDERFUL system!) I worked on the blog in the Lodge until the internet kicked me off.

This morning we found out there was a worship service every evening at the West Rim Worship Site at 7pm.  We were SO blessed as we sat on rocks with the canyon as a backdrop to worshipping our King! 

The setting was gorgeous, a wonderful time of praise and a meaningful message by Kiersten (sorry if that's not how you spell your name!) about how vast the canyon, earth, universe and beyond is and how small and insignificant we are...but we matter to God and are saved by His sacrifice and grace!  What a wonderful group of believers in their park ministry!  We enjoyed visiting with several brothers & sisters in Christ and were blessed when Ed, Ethan and Kiersten prayed with us and for us.  What a wonderful ending to our time in the Grand Canyon State Park.  This weekend has been a time of refreshment and renewal...just what sabatical time is all about!  Praise God for His amazing touch on our lives!
Thank you for your's back to pedaling tomorrow! Blessings to you!
Russ & Carol  

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  1. What blessings! I love the "cat crossing" sign!
    Love, prayers, and good thoughts from Jenna & Chris



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