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Thursday, June 28, 2012

Day 14 of Riding!

What a wonderful beginning to the day! At 6:30 am we departed from our motel in Cortez, Colorado FROM THE PARKING LOT to continue on US Hwy 160! We didn't even have to drive to our "biking point"!  It was 60 degrees and beautiful.  As we headed out of the town, we noticed this cross next to a church...another great reminder of why we are doing this ride.

The County fairgrounds on the edge of town was an organization point for firefighters and trucks.  As we passed by several trucks were making their way out to begin the day of fighting fires.  Well over 100 trucks passed us during the course of the day.  There were places we saw that had burned, but the only smoke we saw was near Mancos.

We arrived in the Mancos valley.

We didn't see the bow that these arrows were shot from, but we kept our heads low!

I thought their signs were AWESOME, too cool!

We got gas and took a break in Mancos.  While we were resting, this truck drove up to fill up, Russ thought I should get a picture since it had a bike on the side and it had a funny name. 

The scenery today was beautiful!  The mountains and trees are gorgeous.  Driving with the windows down in the cool morning air is a favorite of mine. Today we heard crickets chirp, bees buzz, birds singing and some really loud insects clicking and making noises by the roadside.  We saw rabbits, prairie dogs, deer, horses and cattle today. 

Our first sighting of Aspens.
There was a LOT of climbing today, but some downhill as well.  Russ rode 60 miles total. We made it to Durango before noon.  Our motel room wasn't ready yet, so we ate some lunch and then Russ continued riding on Hwy 160 another 12 miles.  Traffic was getting heavy and we had covered enough ground, so we drove back to Durango.  We stopped at the pretty park there and walked down to the river where Russ cooled his feet.

At one point as we traveled along today, we came upon some road construction.  We had to stop and wait as the workers allowed one lane of traffic to take turns along the road.  Russ moved up closer to the beginning of the line beside the cars and a passenger in one of the vehicles struck up a conversation with Russ asking about what we are doing.  After Russ shared with her, she gave Russ a $50 bill - what a blessing!  Russ had his picture taken today by people along the roadside as well as folks in cars passing by.  I guess it's a novelty seeing someone biking with a cross behind him, may God be glorified!

When we arrived back in Durango, we enjoyed some time in the historic downtown area.  We visited the Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory, YUM!! I had a caramel apple avalanche and Gene had some fudge, Russ took our pictures with the bear.

We had a great day; the travel, the sights, the sounds, the people.  We feel very blessed.  Tonight I recall 26 years ago today giving birth to a WONDERFUL son, Chris!  Happy Birthday! May God continue to bless you!
Thank you all for your prayers and words of encouragement, blessings to you!
Until tomorrow,
Russ & Carol


  1. You do have a wonderful son! Chris is having a great start to his 26th year!
    I lived in Durango, CO when I was in 2nd grade! It's a very beautiful area!
    Love and blessings from both of us! - Jenna & Chris

  2. That's cool you lived in Durango - it is VERY beautiful! Chris is wonderful! Love to you both!



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