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Friday, August 3, 2012

Day 45 of riding!

The calendar reminder on Russ' phone reminds us today is "the happiest day of our lives!"  33 years ago today, we were married in Bluffs Trinity Lutheran Church outside of Fremont, Nebraska.  It's a great thing to be married to your best friend.  Some have asked, did you ever imagine, 33 years later, bicycling across the USA?  The answer is NO, never would have dreamed it.  For that matter, I would never have thought Russ would be a pastor and we would minister as a team.  As many of you have heard me tell before, I just prayed that my husband would attend church with me.  God answered that prayer far beyond what I could ever ask or imagine!  With God, nothing is impossible!  So, Happy Anniversary to us, what a great way to celebrate 33 years!
We were packed up with breakfast eaten at Comfort Inn in Petersburg, Virginia just before 7:00 am. When a friendly woman at breakfast visited with and encouraged us before we even left the motel lobby, I knew it was a good start to a great day!  We drove 7 miles or so back to the truck stop on US Hwy 460 where we left off yesterday.  Just as we were ready to set out on the road, a man from Croatia drove up and asked if he could take a picture of the cross, he said he'd never seen anything like this before...more encouragement!  The traffic was busy on the four-lane, no shoulder road, but our prayers were answered as people saw us and passed carefully.  Once again, it was a beautiful, clear, cool morning - just 69 degrees! 
 Less than an hour after getting on the road, we passed the SCOTTS mulch plant.  There were HUGE mounds of fragrant mulch!  Today we saw several interesting agricultural things.  We saw this equipment filling the long white plastic tubes we have seen in the past.  Not sure what they are putting in the bags, (looks like LONG giant marshmallows - but I doubt that!) but this is the equipment that does it! 
We FINALLY figured out what the fields with low growing green plants that we couldn't identify were growing...PEANUTS!  Also saw a historical marker where the first peanuts were grown in the country as well as this big sign.
 We saw fields of peanuts, cotton and corn today.
Not long after this, we saw goats with a sign just outside their pen that said:
"Believe in the Lord Jesus Christ, and you will be saved"

Russ had ridden 32 miles when we took a roadside break just after 9:00.  Funny how I mentioned butterflies yesterday, once again we saw several yellow swallowtails as we rode along.  Today, however, during our break, this beautiful blue butterfly posed for us on the gravel by the roadside!

There were several small towns we passed through, some with interesting signs and businesses.
Sorry to say, we were too late for the Pork, Peanut & Pine Festival.
 Just in case you need some hams, bacon or jowls, they have you covered - and it smelled good, too!
 The Virginia Diner had LOTS of billboards!
We made our way into Suffolk where we enjoyed taking a break at a beautiful park.
 It had a fun looking playground, but the guys weren't interested this time either!
As we made our way across Suffolk and into Chesapeake, we got into some SERIOUSLY heavy traffic!  The road widened, (thank you, LORD!) and we had a shoulder!  It was a true test of my anti-perspirant deodorant getting through a couple of miles, then we turned away from the majority of the traffic and followed US 460 and US 13 business routes and arrived at the Comfort Inn in Chesapeake right at noon.  After checking out the Olympics, we made our way to the pool, then Russ worked on some bike things out at the trailer.  I started looking on my phone at our mapped out journey for tomorrow.  Seeing the Gilmerton Bridge we would cross tomorrow on the map, I recalled seeing a sign before we ended about the bridge closing tonight.  Thinking I'd better check this out, I headed to the nice clerk at the front desk.  She told me that they usually do construction at night and lately had been closing it overnight.  Just before I walked off, she said she would check it online.  We're very thankful she did, because the bridge is closing tonight at 8 pm and will reopen Monday morning!  Another time to say, "THANK YOU, LORD!"  Russ got back on the bike at 3:15 and pedalled a bit more than 4 miles to get past the construction and over the bridge!  The traffic came completely to a stop as we waited for the drawbridge to go down.
 Once we were clear to go, Russ sped across!
Now we will drive a few miles down to the next bridge on the freeway and back to the spot where he left off today to be ready to start in the morning.  It would have cost Russ many miles if we'd missed getting across that bridge today!  Coincidence?  Nope, I don't think so!

When we saw this church today, it reminded me of home!
 Sounds like a good thing to practice, doesn't it?

It's an exciting feeling as we anticipate our final leg of the journey tomorrow.  Thankfully, tomorrow is Saturday and we are hoping to have light traffic in the morning as we make our way to First Landing State Park.  Even though traffic was heavy at times today, we didn't experience angry or impatient drivers.  Once again, we had many "happy honks" and waves.  Thank you again for your prayers, encouragement and kind words.  Pray us through tomorrow...we can hardly wait to share what is in store!  Until tomorrow,
Russ & Carol

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  1. I think this is the best post, Mrs. Munch! Lots of love and blessings on your anniversary from Jenna and Chris!



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