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Thursday, August 2, 2012

Day 44 of riding!

We woke to another beautiful, clear and sunny day with a starting temperature of 75 degrees and feeling a bit humid.  After breakfast we checked out of the Comfort Inn in Birkeville, Virginia and were back on US Highway 460 just before 8:00 am.  The road was the same as yesterday, no shoulder or just gravel, as the picture shows, but the traffic was light. 
 Today we had a few roller coaster hills, then came out to a bit of farmland now and then.

 We passed by some beautiful old homes and farms.
 Much of the day looked just like this...a tree lined shady road with LOTS of trees!
 We passed by the Pamplin Historical Park just west of Petersburg.
 This BBQ restaurant looked like a popular place...however, my vegetarian husband just pedaled on by!
We traveled through Petersburg on Business US Hwy 460 East with heavier but friendly traffic.  Once again, we had "happy honks" and waves, even some cheering people!  After making it through Petersburg, we traveled southeast from the city.  Not long before we ended for the the day with 61 miles, we saw this mileage sign.  As you can see, we are getting closer to Virginia Beach!!!

Not long after we started the day today, we saw a sign on a church that caught our eyes but couldn't catch it with the camera was this:
Write your plans in pencil and give God the eraser

Don't you love that?  How often have we inked in our plans, even published them - then ask God to bless them!?  Our lives really are best in God's hands.  Do I mean we should not make plans, make goals, dream dreams?  NO WAY!  The key to me is to consult God first, proceed as we feel led, then be flexible, adjust and TRUST in the LORD as He edits the story.  He is the Author.

Once again, it was a beautiful day to have the windows rolled down, listening, smelling and experiencing the fresh air.  I love the the sounds of the birds, insects & critters, trains rolling by and the smell of the trees and even trucks passing by filled with pine wood chips.  Almost every day, we see butterflies fluttering gracefully around Russ or the van.  Every time it makes me smile to think that we are going slowly enough to enjoy the beauty of delicate butterflies as they move from flower to flower.  God has made such lovely things for us to see and enjoy, most of the time I'm speeding along and don't even notice.  Not long after seeing some butterflies, a street sign came into view..."Tranquility Lane".  I think that's the road I want my life to be on!

As we were almost through Petersburg, we came across this sign which speaks VOLUMES to us in this trip!    
Here today, after 2908 miles in 44 days, that tells the story of our journey.  We HAVE come this far by faith!  Not by our own might, power or for our own glory, but by the LORD's might, HIS power and for HIS GLORY!  Praise HIS name and the CROSS of Christ by which we are saved!

We checked into Comfort Inn south of Petersburg, Virginia after ending the ride just after noon today.  The temperature was in the upper 80's by the time we cooled off in the pool.  Soon the big puffy clouds turned dark and we began to hear rumbles of thunder.  Not long after we got inside, the rain began to fall.  We are thankful for the rain and the fact that it came after we were off the road.  Sunny weather is forecast for the next two days where we will be traveling. 
Russ rides to Chesapeake, Virginia tomorrow and will ride the last 30 miles to First Landing State Park in Virginia Beach on Saturday morning.  Thank you for your continued prayers, your words and messages of encouragement and support for our journey! We appreciate you and could not have come this far without you!  Blessings to you!
Until tomorrow,
Russ & Carol

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