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Monday, July 2, 2012

Sunday, a day of rest

After breakfast at our motel, we worshipped with the congregation at Community United Methodist Church in Pagosa Springs, CO.  Pastor Don Ford and the people welcomed us warmly.
It was Patriotic Sunday with many meaningful parts of the service to remind us of the freedom we enjoy in the USA. The pastor's message helped us remember that our country was founded on God's Laws and that our call as Christians is to reach out to do justice, to love kindness, and walk humbly with our God.
During a part of the service where people were expressing Thanksgiving to God, a Bible study group introduced themselves as being from Friendswood, Texas.  We applauded, turned and looked...there to our utter surprise were Jim & Patricia Mainer, long time friends from Foundry United Methodist Church in Houston!  They were members there during the early years of Russ' ministry.  Some people would say coincidence...I say GOD incidence!  We hugged on each other after the service and expressed our joy and surprise at meeting each other here.  After they left, I regretted not taking their picture!  Enjoy your time in Colorado, Jim & Patricia! It was such a blessing to see you!

We came back to our motel, changed and Russ and I headed back to The Springs to enjoy the hot mineral pools again.  It was a BEAUTIFUL day, we enjoyed the afternoon and came back to eat with Gene, we even walked across the road to the popular Malt Shop for a delicious hot fudge sundae!! It was FANTASTIC! The man with willpower of steel just watched us eat the sundaes!

When it was almost sunset, Russ & I headed back again to The Springs to enjoy the evening soaking once again where we visited with many nice people from a variety of places.  We just returned after 10 pm, we are totally relaxed and ready to get on the road again tomorrow.  We will drive back to South Fork in the morning where Russ will begin to ride again. 

Once again we have had a wonderful weekend to relax, refresh and feel renewed.  God is so good to surround us with His beauty and handiwork, bless us with His goodness & love and surprise us with enjoyment in what we do and who we see.  He really cares about the details, doesn't He?  Blessings to you as we begin July and a new week.  Thank you for your prayers!
Until tomorrow,
Russ & Carol


  1. Hi, Russ, Carol and Gene!
    We Carlsons are following you each day! Thanks for your daily updates, Carol. God is so good! I love the way He crosses our paths with those who have been in our lives! We were all smiling with your encounter with the Mainer's!!
    Love to you all! Jeff and Renee and crew

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